Fastener Accessories

Boltport offers various fastener accessories for enhancing the bolting joint. We offer complete range of blind rivets, dowel pins, toggle pins, cotter pins, screw drive bits, delta quick links, long quick links and pear shaped quick chain links, screw driver bits and ring-plug thread gauges etc in various sizes, material, specifications from world wide makers. We are updating our product range everymonth. Please visit back for new products.

  • Blind Rivets
    Blind Rivets
  • Dowel Pins
  • Springs
  • Retaining Rings / Circlips
    Retaining Rings
  • Delta Quick Link
    Quick Link
  • Screw Thread Inserts
    Screw Thread Insert
  • Thread Gauges
    Thread Gauges
  • Screw Driver Bits
    Screw Driver Bits
  • Shear Stud Connector
    Shear Stud