Fasteners for Oil and Gas Platforms

Petrochemical Fasteners for Oil and Gas Industry
Right from construction of oilrigs, to oil extraction and their transportation to the coast, Fasteners are important in holding all components together. And not just any kind of fasteners; High strength, agility, corrosion resistant, durability are key factors essential for any fastener part being used in Oil & Gas Platforms. Hex bolts, stud bolts, socket head products are relevant to this field. ASTM A453 grade 660, A193, A194, A490 are common fasteners specification. Fasteners manufactured from Alloy 20, Inconel 625, Monel 400, Silicon Bronze, Copper Nickel and Inconel 718, Nitronic are significant in Oil & Gas field applications.
Boltport specializes in manufacturing fasteners for oil and gas platforms.