ASTM A307 Grade B Bolts, Stud Bolts, Threaded Rods

ASTM A307 Grade B Carbon Steel Bolting with tensile between 60 to 100 ksi.

ASTM A307 Grade B is grade specification in carbon steel bolting intended for use in flanged joints in piping system particularly with cast iron flanges. This grade covers hex headed bolts, stud bolts, threaded rods or any other bolting having a minimum tensile strength between 60 to 100 ksi.

ASTM A307 Grade B Chemical Composition

Element % Grade B
Carbon, Max 0.29
Manganese, Max 1.20
Phosphorus, Max 0.04
Sulfur, Max 0.05

ASTM A307 Grade B Mechanical Properties

Grade Tensile, ksi Yield, min, ksi Elongation, min, %
Grade B 60 - 100 -- 18

Compatible Nuts specification for ASTM A307 Grade B Bolting

ASTM A307 Grade B Washers
1/4" to 4"
ASTM A563A Heavy Hex ASTM F844

ASTM A307 Grade B Marking Requirement

Grade Details
Grade B Grade B Bolts are marked or stamped with "307B" along with optional manufacturer's Initial or logo.