Standard Specification for Carbon and Alloy Steel Nuts for Bolts for High Pressure or High Temperature Service, or both.

ASTM A194 specification covers a variety of carbon, alloy, and martensitic stainless steel nuts in the size range 1/4 through 4 in. and metric M6 through M100 nominal. It also covers austenitic stainless steel nuts in the size range 1/4 in. and M6 nominal and above. These nuts are intended for high-pressure or high-temperature service, or both.

ASTM A194 Grade 1 Chemical Components

Grade Material UNS
C, % Mn, % Ph, % S, % Si, % Cr, % Ni, % Mo, % Ti, % Cb & Ta, % N, % Other Elements, %
1 Carbon   0.15 min 1.000 0.040 0.050 0.400 - - - - - - -

ASTM A194 Grade 1 Hardness Requirement

Grade & Type Brinell Hardness Rockwell Hardness
C Scale B Scale

ASTM A194 Grade 1 Proof Load (Inch Series)

Nominal Size, inch Threads per inch Stress Area inch Proof Load, lbf
GRADE 2, 2HM, 6, 6f, 7M Grade 2H, 4, 7, 16 All Types of Grade 8
Heavy Hex Hex Heavy Hex Hex Heavy Hex Hex

ASTM A194 Grade 1 Marking

Grade Type Hot Forged or Cold Punched Nuts Nuts Machined from Bar Stock