Lag Bolts

Lag Bolts

Category : Bolts;
Alias : Hex Lag Bolts, Wood Lag Bolts;

Lag bolts are wood screws with hexagon or square head and pointed wood threads. Hex lag bolts are most common among wood lag bolts. Lab bolts are used for bolting wood or similar material to metal. Wood lag bolts, hex lag bolts are other alias of hex head bolts. Lag bolts dimensions are defined in both metric and imperials sizes with unified national coarse pitch (UNC), fine pitch (UNF), fixed pitch (UN) and iso metric thread profile. These are produced across all material categories and astm specifications.

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Lag Bolt Specifications

Forming Hot & Cold Forged
Metric Size M0.6 to M100
Imperial Size #0 to 4"
Threads UNC, UNF, ISO, BSW & ACME.
Standards DIN, ASME, ISO & IS
Dimension Standards
ASTM Specifications