Nickel Plated Fasteners

Nickel Plating on Fasteners

Nickel plating a.k.a Nickel Electroplatng is a chemical deposition method of covering a metal object with a layer of nickel. Nickel plating is usually performed for decorative purpose i.e to provide a aethethic look to the fasteners or any other object. Nickel electroplating also provides corrosion protectionm, wear resistance or to build up undersized or worn parts.

Bolts or nuts to be electroplated are firstly cleaned to free of dirt, rust and defects before plating. Cleaning process may be a combination of heat treating, masking, picklingand etching. Once the part is cleaned, it is immersed into an electrolyte solution and is used as a cathode. The nickel rod acts as a anode and is dissolved into the electrolyte in form of nickel ions. The nickel ions travel through the solution and gets deposited over the substrate.

Advantages of Nickel Plating

  • Does not use electrical power
  • Even coating on parts surface can be achieved.
  • No sophisticated jigs or racks are required.
  • There is flexibility in plating volume and thickness.
  • The process can plate recesses and blind holes with stable thickness.
  • Chemical replenishment can be monitored automatically.
  • Complex filtration method is not required
  • Matte, Semi Bright or Bright finishes can be obtained.

Applications of Nickel Plating

Bumpers, rims, exhaust pipes and trim. It is also used for bright work on bicycles and luxury motorcycles. Other applications include hand tool and household items such as lighting and plumbing fixtures, wire racks, firearms, and appliances.