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Copper Nickel 70:30 / CuNi 70:30 / Alloy C71500 Fasteners

AISI 4130 Bolts

Alloy C71500 is one of the two most abundantly used copper nickel alloy with approximately 70% copper and 30% nickel by weight and other strengthening elements. Copper nickel alloy is also referred as cupronickel alloy. copper-nickelalloy UNS C71500 has medium high strength and good creep resistance at high temperatures.

This CuNi 70:30 alloy offers excellent corrosion resistance, stress corrosion cracking resistance, moderately high strength and good creep resistance at elevated temperatures. The nickel composition at 30% favors C71500 to be used in application areas of high temperatures and pressures combined with high velocity and turbulence.

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Alloy C71500 Fasteners

  • Alloy C71500 Bolts
  • Alloy C71500 Screws
  • Alloy C71500 Stud Bolts
    Stud Bolts
  • Alloy C71500 Threaded Rods
    Threaded Rods
  • Alloy C71500 Nuts
  • Alloy C71500 Washers
  • Springs
  • Pins
  • Alloy C71500 Accessories
  • Alloy C71500 Components

Copper Nickel C715000 Equivalent Grades

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AISI C71500 EN CW352H UNS C71500 DIN-EN 2.0872 Werkstoff No. CN102

Alloy C71500 Properties

Alloy C71500 Chemical Composition

Copper Iron Lead      
69.5 0.42-1.0 0.05 1.0 29.0-33.0 1.0

Alloy C71500 Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength 0.2% Yield MPa Elongation % Machinability % Poisson's ratio, % Elastic Modulus, %
372-517 88.0-483 45 20 0.34 117 GPa

Specifications for Alloy C71500 Fasteners

Specifications Description Additional Details
ASTM B122 Grade C71500 More Information »
ASTM B151 Grade C71500 More Information »
ASTM B171 Grade C71500 More Information »