Industrial Fasteners

Hex Head Bolts


Bolts are a category of industrial fasteners, usually devised with a peculiar head style and externally threaded body. Different types of Bolts can vary in head styles, sizes, thread types, manufacturing form, material and dimension standards to which they are produced to comply. Bolts are mostly used in combination of nuts OR can be directly mated to a female threaded machine part with thread compatibility. Bolts and Nuts resemble King-Queen of Fastener Dynasty.

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Hex Head Cap Screws


Screws are also male threaded fasteners mostly related and clearly undistinguished from bolts. While bolts mate with corresponding nut, screws do not need any mating fasteners. Unlike bolts, screws need not have plain non-threaded shank. Screws may have tapered threads so as to facilitate succession into the female component. Screws must always be turned to assemble the fastening joint. Screws are mostly formed in cold condition with some common screw types are hex head, square head, socket head, flat head, philip head, flange head, T head, etc

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Fully Threaded Studs

Stud Bolts

Stud bolts are headless bolting components with threads at both ends. Stud bolts often called as studs, are used with 2 nuts and 2 washers to complete a bolting joint. Stud bolts offered by Boltport, comes in 5 types with variables in size, thread types, dimension standards & materials, etc. Stud bolts are commonly used in petrochemical sectors. Stud bolts are manufactured in various international standards and material specifications to suit industrial applications. We produce both metric and imperial sized studs with coarse and fine threads.

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Nylon Insert Lock Nuts


Nuts are female threaded fasteners and companion to male threaded fasteners such as bolts, sometimes screws or any other components. Nuts are always used in conjunction to bolts with mating thread profile. Nuts and bolts are kept together by a combination of their threads friction a slight stretching of the bolt and compression of the parts to be held together. Most nut fasteners are 6 sided hexagon body design like hex nuts, heavy hex nuts, jam nuts, nylock nuts, hex weld nuts, slotted castle nuts, etc, which can be easily tigntened using a square or hex wrench.

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Plain Flat Washers


Washers are flat sheet metal components usually in a round shaped profile with a center hole punched through, to accommodate the bolt or a screw through the nut or suitable threaded component. Washers are either used to distribute the load off the bolting or reduce the vibrations of the bolted joint. High quality bolted joint requires hardened steel washers to prevent the loss of pre-load due to the brinelling after the torque is applied.

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Retaining Rings


Boltport offers various fastener accessories for enhancing the bolting joint. We offer complete range of blind rivets, Pins and clips, quick links, extension and compression springs, screw thread inserts, retaining rings or circlips, screw driver bits and ring-plug thread gauges etc in various sizes, material, specifications from world wide makers. We are updating our product range everymonth. Please visit back for new products.