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Inconel 718 Equivalent Grades

AISI 4130 Bolts

BoltPort is a proficient manufacturer and supplier of inconel 718 fasteners from India. we offer all types of bolts, screws, stud bolts, studs, threaded rods, nuts, washers, dowel pins, custom bolts and nuts, components, etc in alloy 718. Inconel 718 bolts and nuts are widely produced in accordance to ASTM A1014 & ASTM B637 standard specifications. Inconel 718 fasteners are suitable for high tensile applications with sufficient creep rupture properties. Alloy 718 fasteners are also produce in grade equivalent UNS N07718 & DIN 2.4668 material.

BoltPort Fasteners produces metric and imperial sized hex bolts, heavy hex bolts, socket head cap screws, stud bolts, set screws, machine bolts, hex nuts, heavy hex nuts, washers, in Inconel Alloy 718.

About Inconel® 718

Inconel 718 is a precipitation hardenable nickel based alloy, more specifically belonging to nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy family. Inconel 718 is known for its outstanding high yield, high tensile and stress creep-rupture properties at temperature upto to 1300°F. Alloy 718 resists a wide range of corrosive environments and exhibits resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion. Further the addition of niobium strengthens the alloys atomic structure providing the alloy high strength and stability without heat treatment. Inconel 718's composition permits age hardening which allows annealing and welding without spontaneous hardening during heating and cooling. Alloy 718 is used as bolting material in variety of industries such as aerospace, chemical processing, marine engineering, pollution-control equipment, and nuclear reactors.

Inconel 718 Fasteners

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Inconel 718 Properties

Inconel 718 Chemical Composition

Carbon Manganese Silicon Phosphorus Sulphur Chromium Cobalt Molybdenum Columbium Titanium Aluminum Boron Iron Copper Nickel
0.08 % max 0.35 % max 0.35 % max 0.015 % max 0.015 % max 17.0 - 21.0 % 1.00 % max 2.80 - 3.30 % 4.75 - 5.50 % 0.65 - 1.15 % 0.20 - 0.80 % 0.006 % max Balance 0.30 % max 50.0 - 55.0 %

Inconel 718 Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation at break Reduction of Area Hardness, Brinell
1275 MPa 1034 MPa 12 % 15 % 331 min

Specification for Inconel 718 Fasteners

Specification Grade Products
ASTM A1014 Inconel 718/UNS N07718 Bolts, Screws, Stud Bolts, Nuts
ASTM B637 Inconel 718/UNS N07718 Bolts, Screws, Stud Bolts, Nuts, Forged Components
ASTM B670 Inconel 718/UNS N07718 Washers, Sheet Metal Components
ASTM F2218 Inconel 718/UNS N07718 Bolts, Hex Cap Screws, Stud Bolts

Applications for Inconel 718 Fasteners

Automotives Railways Structurals
Shipbuilding & Repairs Marine & Offshore Power Industry
Chemical Processing