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Monel R405 Fasteners

Monel R405 Fasteners

Boltport Fasteners is a manufacturer and supplier of Monel R405 Fasteners, located in Mumbai, India. We offer complete range of Monel R405 bolts, screws, stud bolts, studs, threaded rods, nuts, washers and custom bolting components.

These alloy 405 fasteners are produced from high quality bar stock procured from reputed mills from Japan, China, Korea, USA, Germany and France. Monel alloy R405 is a rarely used grade and the production time usually high for this grade fasteners.

Monel R405 Technical Information

List of Monel R405 Fasteners

  • Monel R405 Bolts
  • Monel R405 Screws
  • Monel R405 Stud Bolts
    Stud Bolts
  • Monel R405 Threaded Rods
    Threaded Rods
  • Monel R405 Nuts
  • Monel R405 Washers
  • Springs
  • Pins
  • Monel R405 Accessories
  • Monel R405 Components

Monel R405 Equivalent Grades

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Alloy 405 UNS N04405

Monel R405 Properties

Monel R405 Chemical Composition

Carbon Manganese Sulphur Silicon Nickel Copper Iron
0.30 % Max 2.00 % max 0.24 % max 0.50 % max 63.0 % max 28.0 - 34.0 % max 2.50 % max

Monel R405 Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation at break Hardness, Brinell
517 - 620 MPa 172 - 345 MPa 60 - 80 B 110 - 149 BHN

Applicable Monel R405 Specifications

Specifications Description Additional Info
ASTM B164   More Information »
ASTM F467   More Information »
ASTM F468   More Information »
ASTM F3042   More Information »