Hex Flange Nuts

Hex Flange Nuts
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Flange Nuts are a type of nuts with hex profile body and a large flange like base at one end that acts as a integrated, non spinning washer. This flange washer is used to distribute pressure of the nut over a greater surface area and also ensures that the nut stays tight. Flange nuts are unidirectional fasteners that can be used in only one direction.

The flange (washer) can be plain or serrated. Flange nuts are commonly used in manufacturing assembly lines where operations are speeded by using a single fastener instead of a nut and washer.

Hex Flange Nut Specifications

Forming Hot & Cold Forged
Metric Size M4 to M24
Imperial Size 3/16" to 2"
Threads UNC, UNF, ISO, BSW & ACME.
Standards DIN, ASME, ISO & IS.
Dimension Standards
ASTM Specifications