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Manganese Phosphated Fasteners

Managanese Phosphating on Fasteners

Manganese Phosphate Fasteners have similar applications to that of zinc phosphate fasteners. Usually applied on Carbon Steel & High Tensile Fasteners. BoltPort offers manganese phosphate bolts, screws, nuts, washers, stud bolts, etc. in metric and imperial measurement system.

Manganese Phosphating Method

Manganese phosphate coating is also a conversion coating, involves dissolution of a manganese salt crystal over the surface of a metal fasteners in reaction with phosphoric acid in presence of catalyst. The final product deposited over the fastener is manganese iron phosphate which requires a large amount of metal dissolution so that the formation of mangese iron phosphate is facilitated. Manganese phosphate coating requires high operating temperature and higher processing time. Oil can apply to lubricate reducing the friction over threaded parts.

Manganese Phosphate Coating Characteristics

Zinc Phosphate Fasteners appear dark grey or black in color with topcoat of oil or paint, typically used for anti galling purpose or as a basecoat for further coating formulae. Moreover manganese phosphate fasteners show good wear resistance. Corrosion resistance increases with quality of raw material used and scale of coating.