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AISI 1040 Fasteners

AISI 4130 Bolts

BoltPort is a manufacturer & supplier of Carbon steel AISI 1040 Fasteners for general purpose bolting. AISI 1040 fasteners includes bolts, screws, stud bolts (studs), threaded rods, nuts, washers and custom fastening parts. These carbon steel fasteners are produced with complete metric and imperial size range with ISO, Unified UN, UNC, UNF, UNEF, BSW & BSF thread profiles. AISI 1040 boltings are produced by hot forming and machining to size.

Hex bolts, heavy hex bolts, stud bolts, threaded rods, double end studs, nuts, socket head cap screw, set screws and custom components are common products in AISI 1040 fasteners.

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AISI 1040 Fasteners

  • AISI 1040 Bolts
  • AISI 1040 Screws
  • AISI 1040 Stud Bolts
    Stud Bolts
  • AISI 1040 Threaded Rods
    Threaded Rods
  • AISI 1040 Nuts
  • AISI 1040 Washers
  • AISI 1040 Springs
  • AISI 1040 Pins
  • AISI 1040 Accessories
  • AISI 1040 Components

AISI 1040 Equivalent Grades

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Carbon® 1040 EN8 UNS G10400 DIN CK45

AISI 1040 Properties

Chemical Composition

Carbon Iron Manganese Sulphur Phosphorus
0.37 - 0.44 % Balance 0.40 - 0.60 % <0.05 % max <0.04 % max

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation at Break Hardness, Brinell BHN
620 MPa 415 MPa 25 % 93

Specifications for AISI 1040 Fasteners

Specifications Descriptions Additional Deatils
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