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Dacromet® Coated Fasteners

Dacromet® Coating on Fasteners

Dacromet® is a water based inorganic coating mainly comprising of overlapping zinc and aluminum flakes with an inorganic binder. This Zinc Aluminum flake combination offers 4 way protection as.

  • Barrier Protection : Overlapping zinc and aluminum flakes provide an excellent barrier between the steel substrate and the corrosive media
  • Galvanic Action : Zinc corrodes to protect steel
  • Passivation : Metal oxides slow down the corrosion reaction of zinc and steel to provide 3 times greater corrosion protection than pure zinc
  • Self-Repairing : Zinc oxides and carbonates migrate to the damaged area of the coating to actively repair the coating and restore barrier protection

Dacromet® can be applied by Dip-Spin, Spray or Dip-Drain (Spin) using bulk or rack. This type of coating is primarily used in marine, agriculture, construction equipment, wind turbine installation, aerospace and heavy automotives.