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Silver Plated Fasteners

Silver Plating on Fasteners

Silver coated fasteners are produced by means of silver electroplating or silver immersion plating.Silver plated fasteners are costly due to high commodity prices. BoltPort can offer silver plated bolts, screws, nuts, washer, studs, etc for industrial applications.

Silver Plating Method

In silver immersion plating method, the fastener piece is immersed in a silver solution, traded by many proprietory names.
In a more effective method, called silver electroplating, metallic silver is electrochemically deposited over a fastener dipped in a electrolytic solution in the presence of a electric current.

Silver Plating Characteristics

Silver plated fasteners have distinguished look over other metallic coatings but relatively higher in cost.Though it is least expensive over other precious metals.S binding properties and atomic depostion process, silver plated fasteners can be thoroughly cleaned up without leaving any contamination. Excellent lubricity, etc. Silver plated fasteners find excessive use for electronics and electrical component fastening.