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Tin Plated Fasteners

Tin Plating on Fasteners

Tin Plated Fasteners are well distinguished for their aesthetic looks, high degree of corrosion resistance, least toxic nature, etc. They find good use in marine fastening and food-beverage processing units. BoltPort offers tin plated bolts, screws, nuts, studs, washers, etc. both in metric and imperial measurement system.

Tin Plating Method

Tin is electroplated over fastener surface in presence of a electric current. The solvent contains metal solution used to extract the metallic coating over to the substrate.Tin plating can be performed over a large number of carbon steel, high tensile alloy steel, and stainless steel as well for enhance aesthetic look.

Tin Coating Characteristics

Tin coating appears whitish mirror like with high corrosion resistance, no known toxicity, superior aesthetic look, excellent solderability, low cost compared to silver plating.