Silicon Bronze C65100 Fasteners

Silicon Bronze C65100 Fasteners

Silicon Bronze C65100 Fasteners are manufactured and stocked by Boltport Fasteners, in metric and imperial sizes. Silicon bronze C65100 fasteners finds great application into fastening system for boats, ships and other marine structures. Apart from standard parts such as silicon bronze c65100 bolts, screws, stud bolts, threaded rods, nuts, washers and dowel pins, we offer customization to produce non standard components, as per drawing. Silicon bronze fasteners are manufactured as hot forged, cold forged or as cast and machined.

Silicon Bronze Alloy 651 also designated by UNS C65100 is a type of silicon-strengthened bronze with copper content no less than 98.5%. Silicon bronze C65100 was initially developed for high resistance rotor bar but it is widely used in marine fastening system. Find information on this silicon bronze grade such as chemical composition, mechanical properties, feasible fastener products, related material specifications and applications.

Material Properties

Chemical Composition

  • Copper Cu Remainder
  • Silicon Si 0.80 - 2.00 %
  • Manganese Mn 0.70 % max
  • Zinc Zn 1.50 % max
  • Lead Pb 0.05 % max
  • Iron Fe 0.80 % max

Mechanical Properties

  • Tensile Strength : 275 MPa (Min.)
  • Yield Strength : 69 MPa (Min)
  • Elongation, In % : 63 (Min.)
  • Hardness, Rockwell B : 50 (Max.)

Grade Equivalents

Alloy Name European Name UNS Designation Chemical Symbol
CDA 651 CW115C C65100 CuSi2

Fastener Categories

Material Specifications

Specifications Grade Form Products
ASTM B96 UNS C65100 Plate, Sheet, Strips and Rolled Bars Bolts, Screws, Stud Bolts, Nuts, Washers and Sheet Metal Components
ASTM B98 UNS C65100 Bars and Rods Bolts, Screws, Stud Bolts, Nuts, Bar Components
ASTM B99 UNS C65100 Bars and Rods Bolts, Screws, Stud Bolts, Nuts, Bar Components
ASTM F467 UNS C65100 Bolting Nuts
ASTM F468 UNS C65100 Bolting Bolts, Screws, Stud Bolts, Threaded Rods

Commonly Produced

    Bolts, Screws, Studs, Stud Bolts, Threaded Rods, Nuts, Washers, Pin, Cotter Pins, Metric Fasteners, Hex Bolts, Hex Head Bolts, Heavy Hex Bolts, Hanger Bolts, Eye Bolts, Carriage Bolts, Lag Bolts, Machine Bolts, U Bolts, Metric Bolts, Hex Nut, Heavy Hex Nuts, Cap Nut, Lock Nuts, Jam Nuts, Acorn Nuts, Metric Nuts, Screws, Hex Cap Screws, Boat Screws, Cap Screws, Deck Screws, Flat Head Machine Screws, Flat Washers, Fender Washers, Lock Washers, Split Lock Washers, Belleville Washers.