Stainless Steel AISI 304L Fasteners

AISI 304L Equivalent Grades

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Stainless Steel Alloy SS 304L fasteners have low carbon content as compared to SS 304 fasteners.Stainless steel 304l fasteners are usually cold formed as per ASTM A192/A194, F593/F594, BS EN ISO 3506-1/3506-2 specifications. 304L fasteners are preferred for forming fasteners due to their low carbon content and high forming properties. AISI 304 fasteners are available in all types of bolts, screws, stud bolts, threaded rods, nuts, washers and custom bolting parts, in metric and imperial sizes with coarse and fine threads.

304L Stainless Steel is a low carbon variant of 304 austenitic stainless steel, alternatively known by its grade equivalent AISI 304L, DIN 1.4306 & UNS S30403. 304L is often used where welding compatibility of 304 is less than required, along with slighly high corrosion resistance is expected. Due to low carbon content, SS 304L has higher forming properties and are preferred choice for manufacturing cold forged fasteners.

AISI 304L Fasteners

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AISI 304L Properties

AISI 304L Chemical Composition

Carbon Manganese Sulphur Phosphorous Silicon Nickel Chromium Iron
0.03% max 2.00 max 0.03% max 0.045% max 1.00% max 8.00-12.0% 18.0-20.0% Balance

AISI 304L Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation Reduction of Area Hardness, Brinell
485 MPa 170 MPa 40% min 50% min ...

AISI 304L Specifications

Specifications Material Form Products
ASTM A182 F304    
ASTM A193 Grade B8    
ASTM A194 Grade 8    
ASTM A240 Type 304    
ASTM A276 Type 304    
ASTM A479 Type 304    
ASTM F593 Type 304    
ASTM F594 Type 304    
BS EN ISO 3506-1 A2-50    
BS EN ISO 3506-1 A2-70    
BS EN ISO 3506-1 A2-80    
BS EN ISO 3506-2 A2-25    
BS EN ISO 3506-2 A2-35    
BS EN ISO 3506-2 A2-40    
BS EN ISO 3506-2 A2-50    
BS EN ISO 3506-2 A2-70    
BS EN ISO 3506-2 A2-80    

AISI 304L Fasteners Coatings

PTFE (Teflon) PTFE (Xylan) Nickel

AISI 304L Applications

SS 304 fasteners are widely used for bolting pipeline components, instruments & equipments in following sectors.
Marine & Offshore Platforms Constructions Ship Building & Repair
Chemical Processing Food and Beverage Processing Pharmacetuticals
Mineral & Mining Automotives