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ASME B18.3 Socket Head Cap Screws

ASME Bolting Material Specifications

High Strength Intermediate Strength Low Strength Nickel and Special Alloy
Spec. Grade Spec. Grade Spec. Grade Spec. Grade
A193 B7 A193 B5 A193 B8 Cl.1 B164 ...
A193 B16 A193 B6 A193 B8C Cl.1
  A193 B6X A193 B8M Cl.1 B166 ...
A320 L7 A193 B7M A193 B8T Cl.1
A320 L7A
A320 L7B A193 B8 Cl.2 A193 B8A B335 N10665
  A193 B8 Cl.2B
A320 L7C A193 B8C Cl.2 A193 B8CA
A320 L43 A193 B8M Cl.2 A193 B8MA B408 ...
  A193 B8M Cl.2B
  A193 B8T Cl.2 A193 B8TA
A354 BC B473 ...
A354 BD A320 B8 Cl.2 A307 B
  A320 B8C Cl.2 B574 ...
A540 B21 A320 B8F Cl.2 A320 B8 Cl.1
A540 B22 A320 B8M Cl.2 A320 B8C Cl.1
A540 B23 A320 B8T Cl.2 A320 B8T Cl.1
A540 B24 A320 B8T Cl.1
  A453 651
  A453 660
General Notes :
  • Bolting material shall not be used beyond temperature limits specified in the govering code.
  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section 2 materials may also be used provided the requirements of the ASME specifications are identical or more stringent than the corresponding ASTM specifications for the Grade, Class or Type listed.