Stud Bolts (Fasteners)

Stud bolts are headless bolting components with threads at both ends. Stud bolts often called as studs, are used with 2 nuts and 2 washers to complete a bolting joint. Stud bolts offered by Boltport, comes in 5 types with variables in size, thread system, dimension standards & materials, etc. Stud bolts are commonly used in petrochemical sectors. Stud bolts are manufactured in various international dimension standards and material specifications to suit industrial applications. We produce both metric and imperial sized studs with coarse and fine threads.

Threaded rods / bars also known as studs are long externally threaded fasteners. Threads can be profiled all over the length, partial at either or both ends. Studs may have a drive slot in one end to facilitate installing the stud. Threaded rods are ideal to quick manufacture smaller multiple sizes studs. Smaller sizes threaded bars are assembled with set of 2 nuts.

Pitch diameter bars are directly rolled threaded with required thread profile such as UNC, UNF, BSW, ISO & ACME. UNC & UNF threaded bars are readily stocked.

Types of Stud Bolts/Studs

  • Fully Threaded Stud Bolts
    Full Threaded Studs
    Type: Bar Stock & Hot Forged
    Size: 1/8" - 4"
  • Tap End Stud Bolts
    Tap End Studs
    Type: Bar Stock & Hot Forged
    Size: M6 - M30
  • Double End Stud Bolts
    Double End Studs
    Type: Bar Stock & Hot Forged
    Size: M12 - M100
  • Stud Bolts with Reduced Shank
    Stud Bolt Reduced Shank
    Type: Bar Stock & Hot Forged
    Size: M12 - M56
  • Flange Stud Bolts
    Flange Stud Bolts
    Type: Bar Stock & Hot Forged
    Size: ½" to 1¼"
  • Weld Studs
    Weld Studs
    Type: Bar Stock & Hot Forged

Depending upon the design and size, bar stock of suitable material is selected and machined till pitch diameter is acheived and threads are either cut through or rolled over the blank. Most common application of stud bolts is bolting pipeline flanges.

Dimension Standards

Thread Types

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