Dock Washers

Dock Washers
Category : Washers

Dock Washers are round shaped washer similar to flat but even larger than fender washers with a small center hole for bolt engagement. Dock washers are heavy-duty washers with ΒΌ" (0.25 inch) gauge thickness for almost all sizes. These dock washers are optimal choice for heavy-duty load bearing applications.

BoltPort offers dock washers in metric and imperial sizes with wide choice of material of construction. Dock flat washers can be supplied with heavy thickness upto 5/8 inch. Zinc plated, plain carbon steel or stainless steel are most typical grade material for manufacturing dock washers.


Forming Hot & Cold Forged
Metric Size M6 to M100
Imperial Size 1/4" to 4"
Standards DIN, ASME, ISO & IS
Dimension Standards No specific standard available. Can be customized as per request.
ASTM Specifications